The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office is a constitutional office that answers to the people and is comprised of several divisions. You can learn more by clicking on a division below:






Special Teams


The leadership of the Floyd County Sheriff's Office is defined by state statue and is under the direct supervision of the Sheriff elected by the county and their appointed team members. The sheriff of the county is elected every four years and can only serve 2 consecutive terms. The current leadership oversees the day to day operations, hiring, training, finance, programs, and several other administrative tasks.


When you think about law enforcement, the uniformed police officer assigned to the Patrol Division is what usually comes to mind first. The Patrol Division is the backbone of any law enforcement agency. Patrol officers at the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office are courteous, educated and highly trained. These dedicated officers spend nights, weekends and holidays away from their families protecting the citizens of Floyd County with professionalism and expertise at an unparalleled standard. They are involved in every aspect of the department. A patrol officer’s function provides perhaps the most challenging yet rewarding day-to-day activity at any law enforcement agency. The Sheriff’s Department Patrol Division is primarily responsible for patrolling the unincorporated areas of Floyd County, 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, as well as small towns without 24-hour police services such as Georgetown and Greenville.

Police Officers in the Patrol Division perform duties including county-wide patrol, traffic enforcement, criminal investigation, crash investigation, crimes-in-progress, domestic disturbances and more. Within the Patrol Division are school resource officers, a team of crash reconstruction officers, civil process officers and sex offender compliance officers.

The Sheriff and the Patrol Division are dedicated to protecting all citizens of Floyd County by working with all local police, fire, EMS, or other agencies in any way that our agency is able to provide support.


The Floyd County Jail is a 234 bed facility that houses pre-trial detainees and some convicted state offenders. The staff of the Floyd County Jail is responsible for direct care and custody of inmates, transportation of inmates, courtroom and building security for the Floyd County courthouse.

Our Mission:

We will strive to be a division of trained professional officers that serve our community with integrity while providing a structured environment for the inmates that we house.

We will set goals with our inmate population including deterrence repeat offenders in our community by offering valuable programs during incarceration and life application skill courses. This includes partnering with other community & county programs to gain a better understanding of inmate population.

We will work with all local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to gather intelligence from our inmate population to assist in their criminal cases and prevent future illegal activity. This includes gathering, investigating, and storing previous inmate information to help capture or convict those that continue to break the law or elude law enforcement.

We will work in partnership with the Floyd County courts and other divisions to maintain a safe environment all visitors in the courts and county building.

We will provide a safe and secure environment for all staff, inmates, and visitors in our facility.

Criminal Investigations

The mission of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is to provide support to the Floyd County Police Office by conducting timely and thorough criminal investigations. The division is dedicated to providing investigative services to Floyd County in order to preserve the quality of life of the general public. The division’s main function is to investigate all criminal allegations referred to them from misdemeanor to felony. The division will search out and collect all available evidence surrounding each case, along with supporting facts to clear the innocent and substantiate culpability. The division also provides a valuable support role to other Law Enforcement agencies which include state, local, federal, and Floyd County Prosecutor’s office.

Criminal Investigations Direct Number:


Drug Tip or Other Info? (Can be anonymous.)



“When Seconds Matter, count on us…“

Our Emergency 911 (E911) center handles thousands of calls a week for both emergency and non-emergency incidents. Our E911 center dispatches for police, fire, and medical services throughout Floyd County. It is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The E911 center provides the highest quality public safety services to the residents of Floyd County.

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Special Teams

The Floyd County Sheriff's Office has several specialized teams that are made up with a variety of experienced and dedicated members.