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Ann Carruther is named the first Honorary Floyd County Sheriff’s Posse Member

“Ann Carruthers with Systems of Care, she does so much and her family does so much in the community,” Bush said. “We have decided, because of her service to the community (to honor her.)”

Carruthers and the FCSO are working together now to help people who are in the jail and on a future program to help people when officers first make contact with them. 

“We thought about doing the Sheriff’s Posse honorary member,” Bush said. “We gave this out to her, presented it to her, she started crying. It was a neat moment.” 

People will be able to see others who are honored with the distinction posted on the FCSO’s Facebook page in the future. 

Bush said that it’s important to him to focus on helping people in Floyd County who are dealing with mental health and drug issues. 

Carruthers is the director of Clark and Floyd System of Care.

“It was a pretty official presentation, it just touched me and really just touches my heart now,” she said. “The work we do is never for reward.” 

She said she is excited to work with Sheriff Bush to reduce recidivism in the county. 

“I am really grateful he’s focusing on these needs. Sometimes (a person’s arrest) has to do with mental health and substances, (so looking at) how do you eliminate the problem coming through the doors and connect them with the resources they need,” she sad. “I think he has a heart for it, he wants to dig his feet into it and see how he can be a part of the solution.” 

Courtesy of News & Tribune – Feb 10, 2023 (Written by Libby Cunningham)